Rudai 12: Conferences


Living in Sligo, I am very selective when it comes to attending meetings and conferences. As funding is tight it turns into a long day with no overnight in a hotel. The theme, publicity and bios of each speaker have to be convincing.

I keep an eye on the seminars funded by the National forum for the enhancement of teaching and learning. In February I headed off to prove to myself that I’m on top of my game when it comes to understanding the needs of first year students. At second level students and teachers are striving to harvest points and then we meet them in September, they are no where close to being independent learners or critical thinkers.

The seminar was entitled Learning to Learn at College – students transitioning to reading, writing and knowledge creation at third level. Held on 6th February 2015 jointly hosted by IT Carlow and DIT in Grangegorman.

I took detailed notes and circulated a concise report to library staff on my return.

I am just going to mention a few resources

It was hard enough to find a bus stop afterwards so it will be great when the luas line arrives on the campus.


Thing 3: Own brand


I have a particular interest in instructional design and came across John D. Shank who I have connected with on linkedin.

You might be interested in reading his Blended librarian blog. I enjoy his fresh perspective on librarianship.

Thing 2: Blog start up

Books not bullets

I have worked in an academic library for a long time – before google and online resources. We have always kept the student at the heart of our service. This might include a little chat with a first year who is missing their younger siblings having left home to start college.

Each library develops their own personality – with us we hold events that are of particular interest to ourselves!

Recently to celebrate the 18th birthday of Malala Yousafzai we joined the books not bullets campaign and took a selfie – if you interested to learn more have alook at Malala fund.

Thing 8 : Curation tools


I’m playing catch up at this stage, but couldn’t resist this one. I love Pinterest already so decided to give Storify a go!

This project has prompted me to use google drive for photos. I’m not a twitter user but I used the url link to add items to my story and then there was content on facebook and youtube plus a few website links.

Sligo Jazz Project 2015 – delighted with the outcome.