Thing 22: Mobile things


I’m not a great one for apps only but I can see them creeping in more and more in subtle ways.

Though work I have been taking a close look at interactive ebooks and how they can enhance the learning experience of distance and online students. The example I have come across is Look & Cook

Promotional video for look & cook app

I have downloaded the app but so far have succeeded in getting the voice activation working which is the feature that most interests me.

Another app that caught my eye was easy bib app – produces a very basic reference but could be useful.

Abraham, Daniel, George Martin R. R., and Tommy Patterson. Game of Thrones. Save to EasyBib

Green, John, and Danton Remoto. The Fault in Our Stars. Save to EasyBib

Gleeson, Sinead. Long Gaze Back. S.l.: New Island Books, 2015. Save to EasyBib

Ballantyne, Lisa. The Guilty One. London: Piatkus, 2012. Save to EasyBib

Morton, Kate. The Secret Keeper. Save to EasyBib


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