Thing 4: Google

Monday paranoia!

Monday paranoia!

Google account in place of old.

Now have google plus account but really I find it over whelming – I know this sounds really old fashioned but I just cannot face joining another network or adding to the circle.

Must admit I got a bit freaked out when I realised I had added photos to google drive and 12 youtubes?! I have 3 followers and over 5k views – truthfully I have no idea what this means!!

I really need to check my privacy settings.

I know I’m just not connecting the dots – I won’t be sharing or adding posts just yet.

Having said all that I will definitely use Google Hangouts to support our online learners. I had a booking from California last week but it didn’t materialise yet.


One thought on “Thing 4: Google

  1. Delighted to see your posts appearing Sinead.One of the good things about doing a course like #rudai23 is that it makes you evaluate the privacy settings on your social media. Take your time and move at a pace that is comfortable for you.


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