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Augmented reality:

Now, I have to admit this particular thing did nothing for me! I went into the example and the man moved and all that – but I’m the wrong generation, just don’t get it.

I have tried to appreciate this particular thing and spotted An Post have also experimented.

The upside is that its probably no different to a student not getting a reference I might make to Wanderly Wagon (which I would never do, just an extreme example) or an international student not knowing how there is an International airport in Knock.


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why am I in si

Advocacy for libraries:

I would see the need to advocate for library staff. But do you know what, I’m not going to start here!

I am a member of an International Womens organisation Soroptimist International.

We work to create a better world for women and girls through local, national and international projects. Our federation has been granted Special Consultative Status by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations where we advocate for women and girls. Social media is certainly a great tool for advocacy.

I was fascinated by this Teach-in during the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign organised by Rutgers University in New Jersey. Have a look at #GBVTeachIn to see the activity.

Quoting from the pdf they circulated below

Teach-ins are a series of several, continuous tweets from a single source that revolve around social justice topics. Linked together with a unique hashtag, teach-ins are essentially tweetable lectures that are meant to educate a wide, general audience”


Feel free to follow SI Sligo & District on twitter! New members welcome locally and in our clubs nationwide.


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Reflective practice:

I had a draft for this Thing sitting unpublished for some time – when I reread Thing 11 I know well it was the whole ‘being self concious’ bit that put a halt to my gallop. The other blogs look great and some people are writing in great detail so I was over come by shyness when it came to reflection….

I am thinking and seeing things from a fresh perspective which is very exciting. I now prefer to follow on twitter where I was more of a fb person. I have particularly enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm of the early career library professionals in both Ireland and the UK.

I am not exaggerating when I say Rudai 23 has empowered me. Sincere thanks to the team.


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maya quote


Reflective practice:

Looking back over my blog posts I regret all the skipping about I did! I knew my time would be limited and I really wanted to make sure I covered all the Rudaí to a greater or lesser extent.

Even though you had put together a very coherent plan my work just lacked structure

– too much skipping about, saving drafts and adding things in at a later date.

I reflect quite a bit about my own role in User Education/ Information Literacy/ supporting students in the transition to third level.

When I meet first years I try to have practical exercises rather than just demonstrating but wonder how I manage to connect with one group and the next group don’t appear to get it at all?!

I’m also at the stage in my career where I feel like a one trick pony – which is why this course has provided me with much needed inspiration and delightful interaction with other participants.

My wish for our students is that I encourage them to engage with their research so that they may enjoy their information treasure hunt as they develop into critical thinkers and good communicators.