Thing 17


maya quote


Reflective practice:

Looking back over my blog posts I regret all the skipping about I did! I knew my time would be limited and I really wanted to make sure I covered all the Rudaí to a greater or lesser extent.

Even though you had put together a very coherent plan my work just lacked structure

– too much skipping about, saving drafts and adding things in at a later date.

I reflect quite a bit about my own role in User Education/ Information Literacy/ supporting students in the transition to third level.

When I meet first years I try to have practical exercises rather than just demonstrating but wonder how I manage to connect with one group and the next group don’t appear to get it at all?!

I’m also at the stage in my career where I feel like a one trick pony – which is why this course has provided me with much needed inspiration and delightful interaction with other participants.

My wish for our students is that I encourage them to engage with their research so that they may enjoy their information treasure hunt as they develop into critical thinkers and good communicators.



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