Thing 10


Live streaming:

Through work we have a number of tools available to us for the purpose of online education – Adobe connect, Panopto and Camtasia. I have used each of these to record but to date I have not needed to do a live session.

We attended the launch of the Sligo 1916 centenary programme a few weeks back and it was streamed for the diaspora and those who were unable to attend. Going through the notes on Thing 10 its amazing how this whole process has been simplified. There was a time this would have required a team of technicians and an outside broadcast crew. We have enjoyed working with these TY students on a Sligo through the Decades project – it could be worth streaming their presentations on the last night.

I have downloaded the Periscope app but when push came to shove I pulled back from it. It was going to need me to change a number of privacy settings and all sorts of tags so I decided against it.




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