Thing 23


IMG_0895Making it all work together

Now this is just beyond me – I am the woman who watches the ads even though I have recorded the programme. I just don’t do fast forward.

I would be your worst nightmare! I use a desk top in work and ipad at home except when I use the laptop at home for certain tasks. But I don’t use social media on by smart phone at all.

Even though I have a personal fb page, twitter, linkedin and instagram acccounts; add content to a work fb page and manage a blog, twitter and fb account for a voluntary group, established a fb page for a secondary school plus another fb page for a school reunion and I choose to keep all separate. I should be dying to try hootsuite – but do you know what, I’m not going to rush in.

All the very best, signing off on thing 23. Congratulations to the team I hope awards come flooding in, you have pulled off something wonderful. sk



Thing 19: Legal side of things


Edutopia terms of use


Digital citizenship 9 P’s for Proactive Knowledge” by Edutopia is available under license from Edutopia










Original blog post 2014

“Blooms revised Taxonomy with verbs!” by Mia MacMeekin is licensed under CC by Epicogy, Inc and an ethical island.








Wow this is a really great Rudaí, I so easily feel out of my depth with anything legal.

Creative Commons I am keeping this link in this post for reuse later!


Thing 10


Live streaming:

Through work we have a number of tools available to us for the purpose of online education – Adobe connect, Panopto and Camtasia. I have used each of these to record but to date I have not needed to do a live session.

We attended the launch of the Sligo 1916 centenary programme a few weeks back and it was streamed for the diaspora and those who were unable to attend. Going through the notes on Thing 10 its amazing how this whole process has been simplified. There was a time this would have required a team of technicians and an outside broadcast crew. We have enjoyed working with these TY students on a Sligo through the Decades project – it could be worth streaming their presentations on the last night.

I have downloaded the Periscope app but when push came to shove I pulled back from it. It was going to need me to change a number of privacy settings and all sorts of tags so I decided against it.



Thing 6



Reflecting on the other blogs and participants:

I have looked at some of the blogs and enjoyed their honesty – maybe librarians are particularly good at admitting when they don’t know something. We try to connect with our patrons on a daily basis, never really knowing who will approach the desk or where the next query will lead.

I cannot imagine another profession producing a plethora of bloggers overnight. Well done to the Rudai23 team for providing a nurturing approach which has created so much positive energy.


Thing 7


Now and again something just takes my fancy. Last autumn it was the arrival of The Long Gaze Back, an anthology of Irish women writers edited by Sinead Gleeson.

On a dull Friday morning a tweet arrived in – I listened to the podcast and laughed until I cried. Roisin Ingle had recorded Anne Enrights speech from the book launch. My friend Fiona immediately created the image above using Instaquote and tweeted – we had another laugh before getting on with our day.

The podcast is available on this blog post 


I don’t have any plans to start podcasting myself.

Thing 14


Augmented reality:

Now, I have to admit this particular thing did nothing for me! I went into the example and the man moved and all that – but I’m the wrong generation, just don’t get it.

I have tried to appreciate this particular thing and spotted An Post have also experimented.

The upside is that its probably no different to a student not getting a reference I might make to Wanderly Wagon (which I would never do, just an extreme example) or an international student not knowing how there is an International airport in Knock.

Thing 15

why am I in si

Advocacy for libraries:

I would see the need to advocate for library staff. But do you know what, I’m not going to start here!

I am a member of an International Womens organisation Soroptimist International.

We work to create a better world for women and girls through local, national and international projects. Our federation has been granted Special Consultative Status by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations where we advocate for women and girls. Social media is certainly a great tool for advocacy.

I was fascinated by this Teach-in during the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign organised by Rutgers University in New Jersey. Have a look at #GBVTeachIn to see the activity.

Quoting from the pdf they circulated below

Teach-ins are a series of several, continuous tweets from a single source that revolve around social justice topics. Linked together with a unique hashtag, teach-ins are essentially tweetable lectures that are meant to educate a wide, general audience”


Feel free to follow SI Sligo & District on twitter! New members welcome locally and in our clubs nationwide.