Thing 11


Reflective practice:

I had a draft for this Thing sitting unpublished for some time – when I reread Thing 11 I know well it was the whole ‘being self concious’ bit that put a halt to my gallop. The other blogs look great and some people are writing in great detail so I was over come by shyness when it came to reflection….

I am thinking and seeing things from a fresh perspective which is very exciting. I now prefer to follow on twitter where I was more of a fb person. I have particularly enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm of the early career library professionals in both Ireland and the UK.

I am not exaggerating when I say Rudai 23 has empowered me. Sincere thanks to the team.



Thing 17


maya quote


Reflective practice:

Looking back over my blog posts I regret all the skipping about I did! I knew my time would be limited and I really wanted to make sure I covered all the Rudaí to a greater or lesser extent.

Even though you had put together a very coherent plan my work just lacked structure

– too much skipping about, saving drafts and adding things in at a later date.

I reflect quite a bit about my own role in User Education/ Information Literacy/ supporting students in the transition to third level.

When I meet first years I try to have practical exercises rather than just demonstrating but wonder how I manage to connect with one group and the next group don’t appear to get it at all?!

I’m also at the stage in my career where I feel like a one trick pony – which is why this course has provided me with much needed inspiration and delightful interaction with other participants.

My wish for our students is that I encourage them to engage with their research so that they may enjoy their information treasure hunt as they develop into critical thinkers and good communicators.


Thing 13: Professional Organisations

Congratulations to the 2015 Associate and Fellows of LAI

Congratulations to the 2015 Associates and Fellows of LAI

I really should consider rejoining the LAI but I feel at present I could not give it enough time to be an active member. I would be interested in learning more about Associate membership and see they have running a workshop on Nov 20th – food for thought.

I keep an eye on the Association of College and Research Libraries they have useful publications and webinars follow on twitter @ALA_ACRL

I don’t subcribe to lists or feeds but some interesting articles pop up in my LinkedIn account from Cilip as I joined the group.

This year I followed Social Librarian New Professionals Day on twitter  #npdisocal15 – I adore the excitement and energy you all have and hope you find posts where those attributes will be harnessed.

Thing 4: Google

Monday paranoia!

Monday paranoia!

Google account in place of old.

Now have google plus account but really I find it over whelming – I know this sounds really old fashioned but I just cannot face joining another network or adding to the circle.

Must admit I got a bit freaked out when I realised I had added photos to google drive and 12 youtubes?! I have 3 followers and over 5k views – truthfully I have no idea what this means!!

I really need to check my privacy settings.

I know I’m just not connecting the dots – I won’t be sharing or adding posts just yet.

Having said all that I will definitely use Google Hangouts to support our online learners. I had a booking from California last week but it didn’t materialise yet.

Thing 22: Mobile things


I’m not a great one for apps only but I can see them creeping in more and more in subtle ways.

Though work I have been taking a close look at interactive ebooks and how they can enhance the learning experience of distance and online students. The example I have come across is Look & Cook

Promotional video for look & cook app

I have downloaded the app but so far have succeeded in getting the voice activation working which is the feature that most interests me.

Another app that caught my eye was easy bib app – produces a very basic reference but could be useful.

Abraham, Daniel, George Martin R. R., and Tommy Patterson. Game of Thrones. Save to EasyBib

Green, John, and Danton Remoto. The Fault in Our Stars. Save to EasyBib

Gleeson, Sinead. Long Gaze Back. S.l.: New Island Books, 2015. Save to EasyBib

Ballantyne, Lisa. The Guilty One. London: Piatkus, 2012. Save to EasyBib

Morton, Kate. The Secret Keeper. Save to EasyBib